It has a distinct phenotypically difference (colour) and is genetically similar to the original wildebeest specie.

  • The general colour of a mature animal, is a dark chocolate or mud brown body with a tint of grey.
  • There are a number of vertical stripes present on the neck.
  • In certain light conditions the animal appears to be reddish copper in colour.
  • The beard, mane and tail hair is a yellow/reddish copper to a lighter yellow colour in some specimens.
  • The face is a mix of yellow colour between the horns that runs down to the eye line with dark brown to reddish copper hair on the nose bridge, almost like a fringe.
  • There is no black hair to be found on the animal. Calves are born a light fawn colour and will start showing the adult Seretse colour characteristics approximately  two months after birth.

To date there are an estimated 130 Seretse wildebeest in South Africa.

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